The Facts about Coollift treatments

Here are some facts about Coollift gun treatments you may not know

• The treatment is completely painless
• The process uses a powerful CO2 flow and the active atomised Hyaluronic serum at a very low temperature and high pressure
• As a result of this it induces collagen and elastin formation

What does this mean for your skin ?

After only one treatment your likely to see
Immediate effects – lifting
• Reduction in superficial wrinkles and deep set wrinkles
• Improvement in your skin texture
• Radiance of skin
• Your skin will feel like it’s been deeply moisturizing
• It’s also helps to improve any skin discoloration

After a course of treatments you would see these long lasting effect of
Lasting effects – rejuvenating
• Your skin being plumper
• Improved elasticity to your skin
• Improved skin tone , skin texture and quality
• Skin rejuvenation

At Ageless as part of our January sale we currently have an offer on our Coollift treatments

We are running an offer on the single treatment at £50 instead of the normal £80 for a single treatment

If you tempted to go for the course of 6 treatments over a three week period for the maximum results during January you can get this package for only £300 instead of the normal £400 ( a nice little saving of £100)