Laser Lipo Verus 3D Lipo

Laser Lipo Verus 3D Lipo


Here a few facts for you about Laser Lipo compared to 3d Lipo which compared to all other non-surgical treatments on the market remains superior as has yet to be beaten .

This is why more London Doctors are using only the 3d Lipo system compared to any other methods currently on the market

* 3D lipo system is based on proven ultrasound cavitation and cryolipolysis

* Laser Lipo only empties the Fat cells in the body , so you need to start an intense exercise program after treatment and maintain a healthy eating plan afterwards to see any results or the fat cells will just refill quickly

*3D Lipo breakdown the Fat cells and makes it impossible for the cells to come back – as they are flushed out naturally of the body
No intense exercise is needed nor is there a need for a healthy eating plan after treatment either

*Laser lipo only offers Temporary results at best

*While 3D Lipo is been seen as a longer term solution by the experts in this field